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Basic Package

It is an entrepreneurship package that includes slogan suggestions and basic controls.

3 pieces slogan/tagline suggestions
Basic controls
Detailed presentation and report
+1 revision right
Delivery in 10 days

Standard Package

It is a package that includes enriched alternative slogan suggestions and detailed control.

5 pieces slogan/tagline suggestions
Necessary controls
Detailed presentation and report
+2 revision rights
Delivery in 15 days

Premium Package

It is a package that includes a full range of slogan suggestions and extended controls.

7 pieces slogan/tagline suggestions
Extended controls
Detailed presentation and report
+3 revision rights
Delivery in 25 days

Compare packages and examine package scopes in detail:

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Slogan/Tagline suggestion

Suggestions for slogans suitable for branding and registration are presented specifically for you.

3 pieces
5 pieces
7 pieces
Registration compliance check

Depending on package selection, TPMK, EUIPO and/or USPTO checks are provided.

Domain availability check

Domain name suitability checks are provided for the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Trade registry gazette compliance check

Trade Registry Gazette checks, which will be encountered during the incorporation process, are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Social media compliance checks

Various social media controls are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Google Play and Apple Store availability checks

Google Play Store and Apple Store checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Custom search engine index compliance checks

Special search engine index checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Detailed presentation and report

At the end of the period covered by the package, a detailed presentation and report is delivered, supported by visuals containing details of the work, associations, inspirations and brand message.

Right to revise

We prioritize your satisfaction and secure your business with the right to revise.

Delivery time

Delivery time from receipt of your order.

10 Days
15 Days
25 Days
Contract assurance

Before the iyziLink payment for the order, all relevant agreements are forwarded to you and you can secure yourself legally by becoming a party to the electronic contract.

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You can pay for your package via iyziLink with credit card and with iyzico assurance.

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slogan & tagline services
3 headings

It’s time to choose a suitable name for the brand you built with your efforts. A catchy and original brand name that reflects the character and values of your brand can make your business stand out in the industry. Choosing a brand name not only emphasizes your brand’s identity and goals, but also increases your brand awareness, allowing you to stand out from your competitors. If you are careful to choose the best name while shaping the future of your brand, Marquon Digital is here!

The unique combination of symbols and colors determines the identity of your brand. Your logo reflects the values and image your brand represents to the target audience. You can stand out from your competitors by being memorable with a creative and original logo. The logos created by our creative team will make a difference in the visual identity of your brand with their originality.

We aim to be the apple of your brand’s eye with our slogans, and we aim to create the essence of your brand by combining our texts with your brand in an interesting way. Our creative team brings pens to paper to reveal the existing potential of your brand. We are happy to have created the unforgettable slogans of many brands. You are at the right place to find effective slogans that will impress your target audience and distinguish your brand from your competitors.

frequently asked questions (faq)
for those on your mind

What is Slogan & Tagline Package?
Slogan & Motto Package; It is a service package that helps you create an effective expression by reflecting the essence, value and purpose of your brand. This package, offered to your brand by our professional team, is designed to represent your brand in a more effective and descriptive way.
Which Package Should I Choose?
Package selection should be determined in line with your brand’s features, goals and budget. You can choose the one that suits your brand among our Basic, Standard and Premium packages. While Premium packages are suitable for processes that are more comprehensive and require customization, you can choose Basic packages for simpler solutions. If you want to make changes to your package, you can contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp and request a special offer.
What awaits my brand after purchasing a package?
After purchasing the package, you will be contacted to better understand your brand’s needs. After understanding your brand’s values, goals and identity in detail, we begin the process of developing creative ideas. We carry out the delivery process by creating good slogans and mottos.
What is the Right to Revision and How Can I Use It?
The revision right in our packages allows you to make changes to the created slogans and mottos. With our professional team, we ensure that you achieve the best result by carrying out your revisions. If your right to revise expires and you would like to see an alternative, you can contact us again.

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