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Basic Package

It is a basic entrepreneurship package that includes brand name suggestion and logo design.

3 brand name suggestions
3 logo designs
Basic controls
Detailed presentation and report
+1 revision right
Delivery in 10 days

Standart Package

It is a package that includes enriched alternative brand name suggestions and logo design.

5 brand name suggestions
5 logo designs
Necessary controls
Detailed presentation and report
+2 revision rights
Delivery in 15 days

Premium Package

It is a package that includes a comprehensive brand name, slogan suggestion and logo design.

7 brand name suggestions
7 logo designs
7 slogan suggestions
Extended controls
Detailed presentation and report
+3 revision rights
Delivery in 25 days

Compare packages and examine package scopes in detail:

Compare Packages
Brand name suggestion

Brand name alternatives suitable for branding are offered specifically for you.

3 Pieces
5 Pieces
7 Pieces
Logo design

Original, high quality and professional logo designs suitable for branding are prepared and presented.

3 Pieces
5 Pieces
7 Pieces
Slogan suggestion

Suggestions for slogans suitable for branding and registration are presented specifically for you.

Registration compliance check

Depending on package selection, TPMK, EUIPO and/or USPTO checks are provided.

Domain availability check

Domain name suitability checks are provided for the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Trade registry gazette compliance check

Trade Registry Gazette checks, which will be encountered during the incorporation process, are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Social media compliance checks

Various social media controls are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Google Play and Apple Store availability checks

Google Play Store and Apple Store checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Custom search engine index compliance checks

Special search engine index checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Detailed presentation and report

At the end of the period covered by the package, a detailed presentation and report is delivered, supported by visuals containing details of the work, associations, inspirations and brand message.

Right to revise

We prioritize your satisfaction and secure your business with the right to revise.

Delivery time

Delivery time from receipt of your order.

10 Days
15 Days
25 Days
Contract assurance

Before the iyziLink payment for the order, all relevant agreements are forwarded to you and you can secure yourself legally by becoming a party to the electronic contract.

Secure payment with iyziLink

You can pay for your package via iyziLink with credit card and with iyzico assurance.

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branding service under 3 headings

Would you like a name that would suit your brand that you grew with your dreams and created with your efforts? A brand name that attaches importance to the brand you add value to with your efforts, reflects your business in the best way, and forms the heart of your brand will add value to you.

The brand name you create in line with your brand identity and brand values will also increase your brand awareness and take you forward in the industry. Your brand name should be catchy, meaningful and unique. If you think your brand deserves the best, we are in the same situation as you.

What can a unique combination of colors and symbols do for your brand? Your logo reflects your brand’s values and identity. When your brand name is not remembered, it is possible to stay in mind with a creative logo.

Your logos created with Marquon will be remembered at first glance, and will be looked at many times for their unique designs and beauty. Marquon is your only address for logo designs that are designed with a professional touch, blended with your brand values and brand identity, and attract attention with their elegance.

We are here to fascinate and grow your brand! We surprise with our slogans, arouse curiosity with our texts and touch the hearts of brands. We analyze your brand’s identity and strive to make it the strongest.

By taking our pen in hand, we witness the dance of words and take your brand on a deep journey into the world of words. We begin to weave the story of your brand, step by step, with words to reveal the potential within your brand.

We are proud to have created the unforgettable slogans of thousands of brands. We take our power from words and help brands stand out by bringing them together with creativity.

We create creative slogans to integrate your brand with the minds and hearts of your target audience. We show the power of your brand in the right place at the right time. We are ready to surprise you with our slogans and take your brand to the highest level. So, are you ready to meet Marquon Digital?

frequently asked questions (faq)
for those on your mind

How does the revision process work?
The revision process allows us to act collaboratively as we share our creative ideas with you. If there are parts of the service you are not satisfied with, we kindly ask you to give us written feedback. In this way, we understand your requests better and start working to respond to you with different studies.
After the feedback process for revision, you can request that a new logo be created and presented to your liking, in line with the number of revisions in the package you purchased.
How can I submit my requests regarding the project?
You can contact us as soon as possible by filling out the form below the package you think is suitable for your brand and budget. Be sure to fill out the information in the form completely so that we can get to know you better and respond to your requests in the most appropriate way. So we can start talking about your dreams and demands.
Can I change the package content?
Certainly! We offer the opportunity to make changes to our packages in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and provide customized services for your brands.

When you want to make changes to your package, simply contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp and request a special offer. You can be sure that we will evaluate your needs with our professional team and offer you the most suitable solution.

Which package should I choose?
Marquon has branding packages suitable for every budget and brand. These; It is offered as basic package, standard package and premium package. Elements such as your brand’s identity, values, purpose and target audience are among the determining factors in choosing the most suitable package for you. In this regard, by examining the package contents and filling out the form, you can take steps, together with Marquon, to choose the most suitable package for your brand.

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