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Basic Package

It is an entrepreneurship package that includes brand name suggestions and basic controls.

3 brand name suggestions
Basic controls
Detailed presentation and report
+1 revision right
Delivery in 10 days

Standard Package

Zenginleştirilmiş alternatifli marka ismi önerisi ve detaylı kontrol içeren pakettir.

5 brand name suggestions
Necessary controls
Detailed presentation and report
+2 revision rights
Delivery in 15 days

Premium Package

Tam kapsamlı marka isim önerileri ve genişletilmiş kontrolleri içeren pakettir.

7 brand name suggestions
Extended controls
Detailed presentation and report
+3 revision rights
Delivery in 25 days

Compare packages and examine package scopes in detail:

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Brand name suggestion

Brand name alternatives suitable for branding are offered specifically for you.

3 Pieces
5 Pieces
7 Pieces
Registration compliance check

Depending on package selection, TPMK, EUIPO and/or USPTO checks are provided.

Domain availability check

Domain name suitability checks are provided for the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Trade registry gazette compliance check

Trade Registry Gazette checks, which will be encountered during the incorporation process, are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Social media compliance checks

Various social media controls are provided regarding the brand name suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Google Play and Apple Store availability checks

Google Play Store and Apple Store checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Custom search engine index compliance checks

Special search engine index checks are provided for brand name suggestions and other suggestions to be offered within the scope of the package.

Detailed presentation and report

At the end of the period covered by the package, a detailed presentation and report is delivered, supported by visuals containing details of the work, associations, inspirations and brand message.

Right to revise

We prioritize your satisfaction and secure your business with the right to revise.

Delivery time

Delivery time from receipt of your order.

10 Days
15 Days
25 Days
Contract assurance

Before the iyziLink payment for the order, all relevant agreements are forwarded to you and you can secure yourself legally by becoming a party to the electronic contract.

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You can pay for your package via iyziLink with credit card and with iyzico assurance.

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naming service
3 headings

Are you looking for a catchy and unique name for your business?
Every business/brand is a product that grows with effort and dreams. The value of your brand is to make it special, to reflect it in the best way, and to have a name that will add value.
We work diligently to understand your brand’s identity, values, mission and vision and offer suggestions for names that capture the essence of your business.

The brand name you create in line with your brand identity and brand values will also increase your brand awareness and take you forward in the industry. Your brand name should be catchy, meaningful and unique. If you think your brand deserves the best, we are in the same situation as you.

The power of a brand starts with its visual identity. Wouldn’t you like to have an impressive logo that best represents your brand and suits its values?
Your brand’s logo design should be impressive enough to be remembered by your potential customers. With our team, to reflect the originality and elegance of your brand; We express the power of your business visually by advancing with a professional and creative perspective.
Trust Marquon’s expert team to best reflect your brand’s values and target audience. Your logo design will create a memorable unity with your brand name and will remain in the minds of your customers.

Your logos created with Marquon will be remembered at first glance, and will be looked at again and again for their unique designs and beauty. Marquon is your only address for logo designs that are designed with a professional touch, blended with your brand values and brand identity, and attract attention with their elegance.

The power of your brand is hidden in impressive texts and catchy slogans describing it.
We reflect the spirit and originality of your brand with the magic of words, and we want to create magic sentences using the power of words to express your brand’s message in the clearest way. Appealing to the minds and hearts of your target audience is the key to your brand’s success. We express your brand in the best way with creative slogans and offer permanent slogan suggestions for your brand.
If you want to grow your brand and reach more people with effective slogans and strong texts, we are here for you as Marquon Digital.

By taking our pen in hand, we witness the dance of words and take your brand on a deep journey into the world of words. We begin to weave the story of your brand, step by step, with words to reveal the potential within your brand.

We are proud to have created the unforgettable slogans of thousands of brands. We take our power from words and help brands stand out by bringing them together with creativity.

We create creative slogans to integrate your brand with the minds and hearts of your target audience. We show the power of your brand in the right place at the right time. We are ready to surprise you with our slogans and take your brand to the highest level. So, are you ready to meet Marquon Digital?

frequently asked questions (FAQ)
for any questions you may have

What if I still can't find the name I like after the revision?
We cannot guarantee that our customers will like the brand names we recommend. As it is known, colors and tastes are different. However, we can easily guarantee to each of our customers that a job will be produced with the elements of “labor, effort, accuracy and quality”. If you still cannot find a brand name that appeals to you after the revision, unfortunately there is no additional service we can provide within the scope of the package. However, we can help you decide which name is suitable for your brand by meeting with you.
Will I pay additional fees for my revision request?
No, revise literally means “reconsideration”. This means that we will work to eliminate and reconsider the deficiencies of a service that has already been paid for. In other words, you will not pay any fee since your revision right is included in the brand package you have purchased.
How does the brand name creation process work?
The brand name creation process usually includes needs analysis, market research, creative ideation, legal review, presentation and final selection. This process is customized according to customer requests and the characteristics of the created brand.
Why is it important to create a brand name?
Finding a brand name is the process of creating a unique expression by considering the values of the business. A good brand name describes the brand’s product or service and attracts the attention of its target audience. It ensures that the brand stands out in its market by providing memorability and differentiation. It leaves a positive impression on the target audience’s first interaction with the brand. It increases brand awareness by being at the center of the marketing strategy. It protects customer loyalty and brand loyalty by increasing the long-term value of the brand.

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